The corrupt are murderers

Many Ugandans die every year but none of these deaths ever get traced back to their root cause, CORRUPTION.

To the corrupt, very few ever think about the outcome of their actions. Outcomes such as loss of lives, property and livelihoods. To them, taking money through corruption simply means a new car, a new house among other luxuries.

But for the people that money was meant for, it would have been their only hope of survival and its disappearance is fast ticket to the grave.

Most corrupt people may claim innocence about the people that die due to their actions, but this doesn’t simply mean they are innocent. Lawyers have a term for this kind of murder, they call it “involuntary manslaughter”.

For every man, woman & child who dies of malaria because some one in the ministry of health has embezzled money for mosquito nets and medicine is equal to involuntary manslaughter.

Every construction worker who gets crushed by a building because the engineers have embezzled the money is an act of murder.

Many soldiers die because someone high up in the chain of command is embezzling funds meant to purchase logistics for front line troops.

Women and babies are lost daily in labour wards because someone embezzled the money for medical supplies and equipment. Tell me how this isn’t murder.

Most road accidents occur as a result of poor roads, but someone in Uganda National Roads Authority (UNRA) stole the money to construct a safer four-lane road.

It is for this reason that I stress the fact that, The Corrupt are murderers. Adam’s blog condemns all corrupt activities. Thanks for reading. Have a fantastic week.


Author: Adam Walusimbi

Am a truth junkie

2 thoughts on “The corrupt are murderers”

  1. Once told someone that we need a serious dictator who can enforce serious laws, similar to what China does with drug offences. Any offence related to corruption should be punishable by death. That way, prospective perpetrators will think thrice since the price is so high. That mean and self-centered attitude needs extreme measures…… Yeah I said it!

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