CORRECTION: Amin wasn’t an anti-Semite but an anti-Zionist

On the 40th anniversary of the daring Israeli hostage rescue operation in Entebbe also known as Operation Thunderbolt, account of the events of 3rd-4th July 1976 have gained more light like never before as relations between Israel and Palestine remain critical in the present day.

As part of the of the never ending hostilities between Israel and Palestine, an Air France plane originating from Tel Aviv was hijacked by members of a group that wanted Israel to release Palestinian prisoners in Israel custody in exchange for the Jewish plane hostages.

The limelight for the hijacking shifted to Uganda as Dictator Iddi Amin allowed the hijackers to land the plane at Entebbe International Airport where the Israelis launched an operation to rescue the hostages and like they say, the rest is history…..

Due to Amin’s action of aiding what Israel a huge portion of the world called “terrorists”, he (Amin) has branded an anti-Semite ever since , a brand many have mistakenly believed to be true. The term anti-Semite refers to “Someone who hates and would persecute Jews”.
It is a term that has been thrust upon people like Adolf Hitler who would see a Jew burn in a chamber simply because he is a Jew, and due to the demoralizing value of the word, many have been accused of using it to criticize and demoralize opponents of Israel.

The term anti-Semite is exploitatively used by some people the same way words like terrorist, infidel, communist, rebel have been used by governments to justify their actions. If a government wants to unlawfully arrest its political opponents, they will simply call them rebels.

And for Iddi Amin to be put in the same category as people like Heinrich Himmler or Joseph Goebbels is a wrong that needs some serious rectification.

First of all, Amin got his paratrooper training from Israel, they had helped him overthrow Milton Obote in January 1971 and before he fell out with Israel, Amin had made several visits to Israel meeting Israel Prime Minister Golda Meir and other influential people in Israel like Gen. Moshe Dayan. In the early days of Amin’s dictatorship, Israel supplied weapons and trained Amin’s commandos, now this kind of profile doesn’t fit an anti-Semite, an anti-Semite can’t even shake the hands of a Jew, let alone coordinate with one.

Amin and Dayan shake hands

Unless if you’re trying to say that Amin hated Jews but he let them put him in power, supply him with weapons as well as train his soldiers. Since this is a democracy, that can be your opinion.

So if Amin wasn’t an anti-Semite, why did he allow that hijacked plane to land at Entebbe in 1976?

To be continued………Tomorrow, 3rd of July which was the first day of the rescue operation that ended on 4th of July. Have a good day. Thanks for reading  


Author: Adam Walusimbi

Am a truth junkie

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