CORRECTION: Amin wasn’t an anti-Semite but an anti-Zionist (Part 2)

Amin loved Jews, they had put him in power, sold him weapons, invited him to their “state” and most important of all, trained him to become the monster he was.


40 years ago today, Israeli forces launched a rescue operation that freed over 100 hostages at Uganda’s Entebbe International Airport, Ugandan dictator Iddi Amin has ever since been criticized for allowing the hijacked plane to be landed in his country and many have wrongly labelled him an anti-Semite.

In my previous article, I explained the term anti-Semite and how it wouldn’t in this case be a suitable term to describe Amin. Today we look at the term anti-Zionist, a term that’s in most cases confused with anti-Semite.

An anti-Zionist in simple terms is someone opposed to the creation of the biblical Jewish State of Zion or Israel in the Middle East in what is formerly Palestine. Now to make this simpler, an anti-Semite hates Jews, an anti-Zionist opposes the creation of Israel as a state in the Middle East.

And that’s exactly who Amin was. Following his fallout with Israel as well as the rescue operation, Amin often made threats on TV and Radio about how he would attack Israel, and in most of these tapes, Amin often uses the term “Israelis” unlike famous anti-Semites like Adolf Hitler who used the term “Jews”.

In fact there is a twist that some anti-Semites in Nazi Germany were Zionists, meaning they disliked Jews but supported the idea of Jews leaving Germany to the biblical state of Israel. But Amin opposed the formation of the state of Israel not Jewish people.

Below is a compilation from old recordings of Amin. Listen carefully, his use of the words “Israelis”, “Israel” but not “Jews”.

Being an anti-Zionist is not an evil crime, I mean with Israel being a state, every state has got people who hate it. America, Russia, Britain, France, China all have people that hate them as states, some even hate other fellow states and we’ve often heard terms like anti-America, Anti-China et cetera, So being anti-Israel or anti-Zionist shouldn’t be conflated with anti-Semitism.

I don’t wanna sound like am a big fan of Iddi Amin or something, I mean the guy’s regime killed hundreds of thousands of people but that doesn’t give anyone the right to heap upon him all the bad things in the world, especially calling him an anti-Semite, Amin loved Jews, they had put him in power, sold him weapons, invited him to their “state” and most important of all, trained him to become the monster he was.

I hope you have enjoyed this article and my video compilation, for more wonderful, objective, non-biased and non-propaganda oriented articles, please follow Adam’s blog because without you the reader, there is no writer. Thanks for reading.

Author: Adam Walusimbi

Am a truth junkie

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