There were no WMDs in Iraq, Britain took and lost lives for a false cause, presented to them by the Americans who were playing a bigger game, SADDAM HUSSEIN.


On Wednesday this week, a long awaited report regarding Britain’s participation in the 2003 Invasion of Iraq was released. An invasion that toppled Iraq dictator Saddam Hussein, left hundreds of thousands dead and has since turned the Middle East into a boiling pot for violence and extremism.

The invasion was led by the United States “and her allies”, Britain inclusive. At the time, the move was seen as display of unity between the two superpowers. But it is now that we learn Britain, was just a pawn in a war so bloody and un-justified that a public inquiry into the country’s role in the war was launched shortly after the war’s end. Chaired by Sir John Chilcot, the inquiry has come to be known as the Chilcot report/inquiry.

Among the highly sung reasons for invading Iraq was its possession of Weapons of Mass Destruction or “WMDs” as they were often referred to in British and American Media shortly before, during, and until now after the Iraq war. It is upon this intelligence, provided by America that Britain joined the invasion, but there were no WMDs in Iraq, Britain took and lost lives for a false cause, presented to them by the Americans who were playing a bigger game, SADDAM HUSSEIN.

According to the Chilcot report, “Saddam Hussein didn’t pose an urgent threat to British interests”. Meaning at the time, Britain had no need to invade Iraq. But on the other hand, Britain’s most powerful ally (America) wanted Saddam gone due to his threat to their oil and other “interests”, and America wouldn’t have removed Saddam without Britain’s participation.

The American’s must have known that the British never saw Saddam as a threat to Britain’s interests, so what did they do? They (Americans) created a story that will make Saddam a threat to British interests. And that’s where intelligence reports of Saddam having WMDs were sent to the British.

Playing the WMDs card was vital in getting Britain and other countries to participate in the invasion because nuclear possessing countries never want a “new kid on the block”. This is evident in how North Korea is being treated by nuclear possessing countries, they don’t want another nuclear power to emerge.

So it is with the same motive and might that Britain agreed to invade Iraq, except it was based on lies. But in the end, the Americans got what they wanted, Saddam was gone and their interests especially in the oil sector rectified, well as the British continued their search for WMDs that were never there, leaving a trail of blood, destruction and laying ground work for the largest refugee crisis since World War II.

Besides the enormous amount of money Britain used to fund the war, a group of 179 families still bear the human cost of the decision to invade Iraq as their mothers, fathers, sons & daughters were killed. And following the release of the Chilcot report, it is more disheartening for these families to learn that their loved ones lost their lives for weapons that were never there and for a country that was simply used as a “pawn” by another.

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Author: Adam Walusimbi

Am a truth junkie


  1. Just wondering who appointed USA to be the global care-taker. I think they probably mean well in most or some situations but I also think they need to bring it a notch down sometimes. Whenever something is done through force, innocent people get caught in the crossfire because there will definitely be resistance. If USA has nuclear weapons and according to them, they have the nuclear program under control, why do they assume other countries with similar programs, don’t have control??? Anyway, what do I know?! Great piece Adam

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    1. Thanks for reading. It’s all about remaining number one in the world. U have to restrict the number of competitors. That’s what they did with the Iran nuclear deal. Iran is out of the nuclear arms race now.


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