Are we ready to enslave millions of foreign people and forcefully make them construct our roads, buildings, tend our farms, mine our minerals?


Flyovers, skyscrapers, private jets, bullet trains, fast internet among other things are the virtues of what we (Ugandans) picture to be a developed country, and one day we wish Uganda can be like America, Russia, Britain or even France, but are we willing to pay the price these countries paid to be developed?


Slaves being forcefully marched to the Coast

Are we ready to enslave millions of foreign people and forcefully make them construct our roads, buildings, tend our farms, mine our minerals as we sit back and stroke our cats?  Are ready to lose our senses of humanity, empathy and condemn millions of people to slavery to build our economy? Are we ready to shackle and forcefully march millions of people through horrendous terrain, pack them like straw on boats and ship them across seas, tossing the sick and weak into the water on our way home? Because that’s the price Britain, America, France & other developed countries paid to acquire the development they bask in today.


Nagasaki atomic explosion


Is Uganda ready to invest in production of millions of nuclear weapons and if possible use them to obliterate hundreds of thousands of people just to show how powerful we are? Is Uganda ready to have the stain of Hiroshima and Nagasaki on its conscience? Because all developed countries have nuclear weapons, it’s more like a trend. Not to mention the kind of pressure that comes with maintaining nuclear resources and making sure your fellow nuclear powers don’t leave you behind as the technology develops. Is Uganda ready to pay this price?


An American soldier kicks a captive in the Vietnam war

 Are we ready to fight endless, ruthless and in most cases unjustifiable wars to acquire resources we don’t have or aren’t plentiful in our country? Like oil, Uranium, Gold, oil, and oil and more oil….. Are we ready to send our youth as soldiers to their deaths to acquire oil or conquer a foreign land? Because that’s what developed countries do. The United States, Britain, Russia, France are countries that have been engaging in warfare since their inception. France, Russia, America are some of the developed countries born through bloody revolutions and their history has forever been stained with wars. Iraq, Chechnya, Vietnam, Somalia, Afghanistan, the list is endless. Can Uganda pay this price?


American child laborers during the industrial revolution

 Are we willing to employ our young children in factories, mines, oil refineries and other hard labor jobs just to reduce the cost of production? Because that’s what developed countries did to strengthen the backbones of their economies during the industrial revolution. Charles Dickens’ book “Oliver Twist” describes the horrors he (Dickens) went through as a child laborer during the industrial revolution in Britain. By 1900, the American industry had employed an estimated 1.7 children, all under the age of 15. And the number had crossed over 2 million by 1910. The revolutionary socialist – economist, Karl Marx said British industries at the time of the industrial revolution, “could but live by sucking blood, and children’s blood too,” Is this a price Uganda is ready to pay? You tell me.


Africans kissing the feet of colonialists

Being an ex-colony ourselves, we know the pain of the colonial lash, we have lived it, tasted it, bled on its stroke and its less than 60 years since this inhumane treatment was lifted from us. So are we willing to colonize, loot, mistreat, castrate and exploit other countries like our former colonial masters did us? Are we willing to inflict the pain of the colonial lash upon fellow humans so Uganda could have skyscrapers, bullet trains, bridges that open and close, diamonds for our Kings and Queens? Are we willing to go to Egypt and steal their artifacts, mummies, gold and dead pharaoh’s heads? Is Uganda willing to rip and pillage West Africa like France did? Are willing to pay the Price for development????

As Uganda looks forward to attain middle income status in the near future, we should know as a country that however slow our journey maybe, the cleanliness of our conscience when we get there will make the journey worthwhile. Because none of what we would have achieved will be stained will the blood and suffering of others.

Author: Adam Walusimbi

Am a truth junkie

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