UPCOMING EVENT: The 9th Annual Nile Gold Jazz and Soul Safari.

For Jazz romantics and soul music enthusiasts, the 9th Annual Nile Gold Jazz and Soul Safari is set to introduce an all new session at this year’s festival.

Scheduled for Saturday 8th October at Lugogo Cricket Oval, the new session has been dubbed the ”AFRO SOUL & RHUMBA CLASSICS”. It (the new session) will be performed live at the festival which will get under way at 3:00pm till midnight.

From Fathers to Sons to Daughters

According to Tshaka Mayanja, founder of the Nile Gold Jazz and Soul Safari; This session will be headlined by living Ugandan music legends; Moses Matovu, Tony Ssenkebejje and Eddy Ganja who will be backed by a stellar cast of seasoned musicians. The legends will be joined on stage by younger but very talented and successful Ugandan artists. Among these, the sultry vocalist Lillian Mbabazi and Saxophonist Michael Kitanda.

This ‘mix’ of our legendary Elders and the young ones performing these classics on the big stage, is something we’re looking forward to a great deal. They will not only perform their classics, but classics by their peers and contemporaries.
Tshaka Mayanja

The main artist for this year’s Nile Gold Jazz and Soul festival will be the prolific Maxi Priest from England. Accompanied by the trumpeter Lin Rountree and saxophonist Jackiem Joyner from America.

Tickets to the event cost Shs.130,000 for Gold, Platinum goes for Shs.250,000. And for a group of 10 people, they can choose to pay Shs. 2,500,000.

Proceeds from the 9th Annual Jazz and Soul Safari will be chanelled to the Rotary Cancer Run and the game of Cricket.

The event’s organisers “highly doubt anyone will be left seated!” at this year’s festival. And have urged fans to put on the greatest of their “dancing shoes” to the day.


Out Now!! ARTHUR documentary brings new life to Ugandan documentary story telling.

The Documentary follows the “…..story of a creative artist who uses art to uplift the lives of children living in Katanga, the largest slum in Uganda.”

The Documentary follows the “…..story of a creative artist who uses art to uplift the lives of children living in Katanga, the largest slum in Uganda.”

Directed by Ndawula Jordan Braise, Produced by Edmond Tamale and Ndawula Jodan Braise, ARTHUR  sets itself apart from the common format of documentaries in Uganda.

Providing various angles to the story as well as innovative camera work and superb narrations. The effort for making ARTHUR was a tandem of Mufasa Pictures and EDCOM FILMZ.

Scene from the documentary

The main subject of the documentary, Arthur Conrad Kisitu posseses a host of talents he has used through out the years to influence hundreds, perhaps thousands of people around him and among these are the children living in Katanga.

The documentary  adresses all these people with the centre of it all being the children, mostlty orphans in Katanga.

Running time: 25 minutes
Director: Ndawula Jodan Braise
Producers: Edmond Tamale, Ndawula Jodan Braise
Writers: Ndawula Jodan Braise and Tamale Edmond
Co-Producer: Kirabo Joyce

-Great picture quality (HD 1080p)
– High quality sound and narrations
– Good Lighting
– Great coverage
– Well synched subtitles

– The 25 mins of time