Entebbe ready for #RotaryCR17

Scenic routes, great weather plus hundreds of fresh out of highschool Nkumba University freshers 😂. What else could you ask for? Slay Queens/Kings

Well, all the above is only but a fraction of what you’ll find at the Rotary Cancer Run 2017 (In Entebbe) which takes place this Sunday (27th August 2017).

Not in Entebbe??? There’s nothing to worry about 😎. There are 31 other venues countrywide that are hosting the Rotary Cancer Run at the same price (20k) for the same reason: “..construction of Linear accelerator bunker at St. Francis Nsambya Hospital”.

This “Linear accelerator bunker”, pheew.. that’s a long name, let’s just call it a bunker. This bunker will house the brand new cancer machine that was bought the last time out, so that we get to take the fight to the enemy (Cancer).

The run will start at 7:00 on Sunday morning from the Mayor’s Gardens in Entebbe. Heading towards Kitooro, Entebbe Airport, Nakiwogo among others places depending on the distance one wants to go for (5, 10 or 21km).

The Uganda Red Cross will provide first aid to those who need it and Jibu Water will take care of refreshments. Uganda Police, ENHAS (Entebbe Handling Services), DAS Handling Ltd, NMS (National Medical Stores), are among the organizations involved in the Cancer Run in Entebbe.

And if you haven’t got your ticket for the run, check the image below for details:

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PLEDGE YOUR ALLEGIANCE: No matter the result, stay Ugandan.

The last time Uganda played in AFCON, Iddi Amin was still president. And we’ve had over 5 presidents ever since.

The clock’s ticking, fans check their tickets one last time before setting off for the stadium and the players are going through their paces after an empowering breakfast, on their backs they carry the fate and hope of a nation 40 million strong. All to be decided within 90 minutes.

Uganda Cranes play Comoros at 5:00 pm today

Today is the day of reckoning, the massive advertising campaign has come to an end, all tickets sold, and fans from all over Uganda ready to witness as the nation quench the 38-year old thirst of not qualifying for the African Cup of Nations (AFCON).

Now to demonstrate the length of this thirst in simple terms, one would say, the last time Uganda played in AFCON, Iddi Amin was still president. And we’ve had over 5 presidents ever since.

And as a country, as a team, we’ve been in this position before, having one foot into AFCON and the being dragged out at the last moment. It happened Against Kenya when we drew 1-1 and against Zambia when we lost on penalties.

However it is the attitude of some fans after these disappointments that raises questions about whether we are in this (Uganda Cranes) relationship for love or for the fame and glory?

On one of our previous disappointments, angry fans went ahead to attack the home of the then Uganda Cranes captain Andy Mwesigwa for what they (angry fans) called treason but was in fact a tackle in the box that led to a penalty.

Other fans take on to social media to express how filthy and inexperienced the national team is and how they will never watch any Uganda Cranes game ever again. But today, they are back out there, doning the nations colours and chanting #MujjeTulumbe. And trust me, deep inside their hearts they have set aside which statements to make just in case we don’t make it.

But as Ugandans, when did we become so opportunistic that we can’t hold a permanent stance on our own national team. If you’re a no, be a no. If you’re a yes be a yes. There’s no “in between” in this.

So no matter what the outcome of the game today is, let our support for the team remain unwavering as it is prior the game. And trust me, our team will remain strong and motivated to continue their quest for inspiring and making us proud as a nation.

Thank you for reading, and please don’t forget, Uganda vs Comoros is at 5:00 pm today, and will be broadcast live on various TV stations. For those heading to Namboole, roar so hard in support that screens of our TVs break out. #MujjeTulumbeeeeeee

SPORTS DOPING. Who is responsible?

To some players, if the only thing standing between breaking or setting a record is an injection or tab, the choice maybe obvious

Many had never heard much about the term “doping” until recently when big names in the field of sports were accused (some found guilty) of using drugs that enhanced their endurance, strength and general performance on the field. As the number of sportsmen and women entangled in doping allegations grow, Adam’s blog asks the question about who is responsible for this growing habit in the field of sport. Is it the coaches, sponsors or the players themselves?

The Players

A cartoon depiction of a doped up athlete

If one is to carefully look at the core of sport itself, the urge for sportsmen and women to be faster, stronger, among other attributes takes center stage. The ultimate award of a gold medal or a trophy in effect goes to the fastest athlete, the strongest weightlifter, the enduring marathon runner which triggers a race among athletes to become stronger, faster and more enduring lest they lose.

And the objective of winning brings with it other demands, winning by greater margins. Like they say, Records are made to be broken. For sportsmen, breaking or setting a record is always just around the corner and to some players, if the only thing standing between breaking or setting a record is an injection or tab, the choice maybe obvious. So are players solely responsible for doping? That’s for you (reader) to decide.

The Coaches

Some coaches demand a lot from their players

You either run fast or your off the team”. It is common for coaches to direct such statements to their players. To some it’s a form of motivation but to others it’s an ultimatum with real consequences for the athlete. Some coaches demand a lot from their players, most of which maybe unattainable under normal circumstances. And since the coaches are in charge, they are in the perfect position to provide the “solution”.

Some athletes may not be aware that the injection or tablet that “coach” advised them to take is banned by sports federations and may have dire consequences for the player once discovered. In recent times we have heard of athletes (charged with doping) claiming there was a “mistake in the blood test”, or “I have never taken such drugs” and such claims may be true as the athlete could have taken the drug on the coach’s advice.

The Sponsors

The Russian government was cited for running a “state sponsored doping” scheme

Sponsors come in all calibers. It could be a private company or the government, and to the sponsors, their investment should be met with remarkable results and performance. Besides the pressure sponsors put on players, some sponsors take the extra mile by getting directly involved in doping the players.

Recently, the Russian government was named for sponsoring the doping of hundreds of its athletes in the lead up to the Olympics in Rio which resulted into a ban of the athletes, some of whom may have been innocent or coarced into the doping activities.

As the quest for speed, strength and top performance ensues among sportsmen and women, the world of sport continues to get more entangled into the massive spiderweb of doping scandals that is being laid down by some athletes, coaches and the sponsors.

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